Biggest (Virtual) Morning Tea Week 2014


hosted by Erika Rax // Baked by Gemma

I have teamed up with Gemma to raise some money for cancer research and prevention via Biggest Morning Tea and would really really LOVE for you to get involved! 

How It Works: [CLOSED]

Step 1. DONATE

Make a tax-deductible donation to our team over on the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea page. The aim is to raise funds for cancer research so this is a requirement to participate in the link up. 

Step 2. POST BETWEEN 5th MAY - 11th MAY 

Any post that is tea party themed can be submitted. Be as creative as you want - it doesn't just have to be a recipe, we want to see all things tea party themed. Just post during this week and we will have a little (or massive hopefully) tea party via the internet. 


Once your donation has been approved (thank you so much!) and your post has gone up email me your link and I'll add it to the list right here. 

Step 4. SHARE

Tell everyone! We would like as much tea party love as possible during the week to maximise donations. Share via social media with the hashtag #GEmorningtea so that we can collect all posts.


Participant Posts