DIY Artful Chocolate Bars

A little while back I found Unelefante and their absolutely stunning chocolate bars via Eat Drink Chic. Somewhere between No International Shipping and the language barrier my "I can do that" instinct set in and I hauled ass to the store to buy some chocolate bars. I experimented with making my own 'paint' trying a coconut oil base, a vodka base and an egg white base but the results were pretty dismal so I did what any defeated person would do. I ate the evidence. 

After I regained my confidence I went back to the drawing board (read: Google) and came across edible food paint. I whipped out my credit card faster than you can say Jackson Pollock made me do it and waited patiently for it to be delivered. Aaaaand then I painted some chocolate!

To create the colours, I mixed a bit of gel food colour with the white paint. And I sprinkled some silver dust over the white paint on the metallic one - because more is more. And in case you're curious, the paint doesn't taste like anything and the texture is a bit like white out, both in the way it handles while liquid and in the way it dries. 

Sooo I might just go ahead and call it if that's okay. Painted chocolate = the new chocolate bark. Yes? Yes.