Lychee Cucumber Slushie

Last week I had a catch up dinner with a friend at Miss Chu's. Tell me you've been there. If you've been missing out, they're great for vegetarians and the ironing board tables alone are worth the visit. 

For the rest of the week I obsessed about the Lychee Cucumber Slushie I had - not too sweet, and so fresh I felt 18 again. I did some experimenting over the weekend and think I have cracked the 'recipe' (I use this word loosely because it's gonna come down to your own tastebuds). Here goes:


  • A cup of 100% Coconut Water, chilled
  • About half a small Lebanese Cucumber
  • About 15 Lychees - I used tinned (wait, hear me out Judgy pants) because sadly they're not in season here. I froze the lychees over night and kept the syrup for sweetening my slushie just a tad
  • Fresh Mint, to taste
  • Some Crushed Ice


Put all ingredients in a food processor and flip that switch! If you're feeling particularly hipster, serve in a jam jar and enjoy that sweet winter denial.

Tip - If no one's looking and you're okay with drinking in the am (hey, it's almost hump day) add a splash of rum. Grown ups only!