Berries & Cream Mini Sponge

You may have realised by now that I'm not what they call a 'natural' in the kitchen. Shock! Horror!

Well, once again I got my butt kicked this morning - this time by the miniature sponge you see before you. First I knocked my favourite dark Koko Black cocoa off the counter, which smashed on the tiles after it got caught in my kimono type cardigan's sleeve and then cream went FLYING when I tried to whip it in a bowl which my Kitchen Aid obviously didn't approve of. By the time I managed to assemble this beautiful little cake, I was in such a state that I devoured it's fluffy goodness in about 3 bites. Being an emotional eater I instantly felt better and will no doubt repeat all my baking mishaps the moment I step into the kitchen again.

Vicious circle my friends, deliciously vicious circle.


For those playing at home, I got this recipe from the Women's Weekly Cassic Cakes - it's a one-bowl chocolate cake and I just topped it with a berry coulis and whipped cream.