Remember that time I abandoned my blog and disappeared without a word for 2 months? What? No it hasn't been almost 3 months! Has it? Either way, I can explain..

On October 20th I married my best friend and the person who makes me happier than anything else (oh thanks, you're so sweet). It was a delightful amazing beautiful day that took A LOT of planning and there were family and friends in town from far away places to see and then of course a honeymoon ensued, and before I knew it, it was today. So here I am, just a girl standing in front of blog peoples, asking them to let her share yummy treats again. Oh, and let it slide that my first post back is not actually a recipe from scratch, but from a packet. 

Once more I can explain..it's a macaron mix by Adriano Zumbo! My all time number one pastry hero. And it actually worked! I have NEVER successfully managed to make macarons, including another box mix from another amazing chef who has an affinity for duck-egg blue, so if you can please look past the interesting piping and quirky feet and not judge me you can have as many as you want. And see that little pink book peeking into the corner of the last picture? Next time I'm making these babies from scratch. Probably.