Wanna work together? We should totally do that. 

For the most part, I help businesses communicate visually by creating images that tell their stories. If you're looking to improve your we shop, or show off your products, I can  styled product photos or lifestyle/editorial content. 


Opening Statement

I believe that

Who you are and what you do

I’m {your full name} and I am {your title/ vocation} ___________ [a writer/ blogger/ life coach/ motivational speaker/ jewellery designer]

I work with/ write for {your target market/ ideal client/ ideal reader}  ___________ [overworked corporate goddesses/ budding entrepreneurs/ wild-hearted women]

Helping them {how you serve}  ___________ [reclaim their energy/ build their dream business/ hone their intuition]

How you got there

turning point/obstacles/

Your why

What you believe in. What’s fuelling this giant, love-laden mission of yours.

Your audience

This blog is for women who

random tidbits that give a broader insight into your personality


#1. How do you want people to feel when they read your words?

Like a rocket has been lit underneath them. Soaked in love. Held. Supported. Inspired. Informed. Empowered. Connected. Soothed. Intrigued.

#2. How can you be different?

#3. What speaks to YOU?