Craft Stylist


Hello! I'm Erika. 

By day, and sometimes night, I'm a lifestyle photographer/stylist who helps businesses look good online. This means I do a bit of everything that goes into telling visual stories, from getting products to look alive to capturing the little moments that show the people at work behind these products and the love that goes into creating them. 

When I'm not toting a camera or moving that sage leaf a millimetre to the right, I'm a dabbler, herbivore, and mini break enthusiast, living in a tiny North London apartment with my husband and our growing family of house plants.

I think self expression is beautiful and am inspired by anyone putting their creative work out there, even in the tiniest of ways. To me, the best thing about the internet is connecting with such people and growing our community of like minded souls.

This website is my little spot on the internet where I share my work, play around and collaborate. You can expect lots of photos and stories of food, people and other nice things. Thank you for being here. 

Wanna say hi? I'd love to hear from you.

A little note...

Unless otherwise noted, all content here has been created by myself, specifically for this blog, so please seek permission before sharing any content elsewhere. I am happy for you to use ONE image plus a link back - please get in touch for rates if you would like to post a recipe or any more images. 

This blog contains affiliate links and/or sponsored content. Please know that I hand pick, love and disclose everything I share here and will never recommend anything that I wouldn't pay for myself. Pinky promise.