Mini Geo Stamps

Technically these are only 'geo' because those are the shapes that I cut out and aren't really what this craft is all about but just let me have my geometric dreams for a little while longer okay? Geo-ish stamps? Doesn't matter. I already made the graphic. 

I bought these little wooden blocks at the dollar store months ago and since a Friday crafternoon a while back with Chantal and Bianca when we made those rolling pin stamps, I have been storing about a kilo of sticky back foam in my drawer. 

If you want in on the stampy action (say during an upcoming long weekend?) it's a pretty easy set up. Cut out (geometric!) shapes, peel back the adhesive layer and stick onto the blocks. Ink it and stamp it. 10 minute investment tops. 

Make sure to show me if you make some okay? You KNOW I'm a kindergarten teacher deep in my heart. Find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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Easter Styling Challenge with The Home

Last week I was invited by The Home along with 7 other bloggers to create Easter table settings using products from their store. My teammates, Michelle and Chris, and I created the table above and may have gotten a little carried away with the chocolate eggs. For more photos from the day (I selfishly only took photos from our table sorry) you can check out the hashtag #easterwiththehome on Instagram. 

Other bloggers involved were Galina Dixon, Lisa from The Red Thread, Angela from Home Style File, Kate from Grand Designs Australia and Penny from Darn Sexy Secondhand. All products from the challenge were donated to charity GVIT and will end up in homes and on tables of less fortunate Australian families. 

Posted on April 14, 2014 .

Easter Style

So I guess we're in April now. Actually  let's not even acknowledge how this year is steamrolling on. So moving on. Easter!

Easter is a very close runner up to Christmas in my books and extra hugs to whoever organised it so close to Anzac Day long weekend here in Australia this year. I'm really looking forward to some down time (see note about steamrolling) to catch my breath and catch up with loved ones. 

I know I'm not the only one who needs to press the pause button for a few days so to get us all excited, I had a little creative play day. I know, I know. I totally took one for the team. These holidays are all about giving after all. 

For this display, I raided the garden for all things green and rescued the egg shells from a recent dinner frittata. I then added a splash of paint, a sprinkle of soil and Bob's your planters. Oh and naturally glitter got mixed up in there too. I didn't fight it.

I also wanted to adultify some chocolate eggs so reached for the brown paper and string. Couldn't be simpler. 

How do you spend Easter, friends? Got any craft/baking plans? Tell me, tell me!

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This, That + The Other Day

A new column for random thoughts and finds I just have to share.

THIS floral posie is good enough to eat. Literally.

Luisa has convinced me to give THAT new mobile blogging app Steller a go and I kinda love it. Here's my first go at a story

THE OTHER DAY, I set fire to the carpet when I was doing calligraphy (it was a a candle/paper towel situation). Also my pen exploded. I thought calligraphy was meant to be peaceful. 

Oh, and finally I am making it my mission to put my husband's face all over the internet (he's yet to see the hilarity in this). The latest place I've infiltrated is Oh Happy Day (!!!). 

Posted on April 1, 2014 .